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Action Sports Conference



Our vision for 2015 is to grow deeper relationships between leaders of ministries around the world. Therefore, we are moving from one national gathering this year and encouraging everyone to join one of the following regional events.


SOUTH AFRICA, March 20-23: Join Christian Surfers and Christian Skaters South Africa for thier National Conference, Legacy. Click here for information and registration.


AUSTRALIA, April 2-6: Join Christian Surfers Australia for their national leadership gathering in Torquay, Australia. Click here for information.


FRANCE, May 15-17: Join other Action Sports Leaders for the European Leadership Meeting in Biarittz, France. Contact Phil Williams for more info.


CANADA, May 22-24: The Skate Community Summit s specifically designed to bring together skaters who oversee programs, outreaches, ministries, businesses, etc within the skateboarding scene. During these three days you will take part in workshops, build relationships and establish new ways to work together as a global community. Visit their site to register.


UNITED  KINGDOM, June 19-21: Join Christian Surfers and Christian Skaters UK for their national leadership gathering at Tubestation in Polzeath. Contact Phil Williams for more info.


USA, August 9-11: Join Christian Skaters for their Global Leaders Event. Join leaders of skate ministries around the world, as well as those who oversee parks, camps, outreaches, & businesses, at our new headquarters in West Texas. Enjoy the first three days as our guests at a music festival packed with amazing music, speakers, and skateboarding events. Then enjoy the next few days as we build deeper relationships with one another, encourage each other and share about what the Lord is doing in our ministries. Register here. Camping is available with registration at this link.


*August 6-8 is a pre-conference music and skate event that will be free for all attendees who register before June 1st. Official Conference will be held August 9-11.


USA, October 16-17: Join Christian Surfers for their national gathering in Carlsbad, California. Info to be announced.

Why An Action Sports Conference?

It can be so easy to feel discouraged and alone in action sports ministry.  No one seems to get it.  Maybe, you’re not sure where to start.  

Check out these leadership and training events happening around the globe through different ministries. They are opportunities to hang with others that have been given the same heart, the same passion to see their culture changed by the power of Christ! 

Family of Ministries:






Interns & Missions:

Serve around the globe, experience new cultures, grow in your faith, and gain invaluable experience that will inspire you for a lifetime.

Leadership Events:
Join other leaders from your region for events that will help your grow, encourage you, and build relationships to build the global body of ministries,

Training Events:
Join various ministries for a variety of training events around the globe. These specific trainings will build you up as your lead a generation.



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